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5t Automatic dead weight standard machine

AUTHOR : Date : 9/23/2020 10:41:57 PM
 The dead weight force standard machine has the advantages of high precision of other kinds of equipment, and has been widely used in the field of force value measurement and detection. It is a new high efficiency, low cost and high precision automatic dead weight force standard machine developed by us. This is a fully automatic dead force standard machine with new structure and new working mode. It adopts new patented technology. It is loaded with the weight of the optimized combination, and each weight is achieved by the independent electric motor drive mechanism. Automatic control by PC and PLC and the action of each working body; Using specially written software to realize automatic visualization monitoring function through animation mode; In accordance with the setting requirements, the detection test of the detection force instrument automatically completes the whole work of loading, unloading, data collection and data processing. It is suitable for the field of measurement and measurement of force value, as well as the application of a practical process and standard and standard equipment in the production of various measuring forces and load cells.